Benefits of Having a Car Accident Lawyer on Your Side

You deserve to be able to recover from a collision without worrying about your finances or when you can return to work. You don’t have to add more stress to your life, and possibly worsen your injuries, hire a car accident attorney .

While personal injury lawyers can take on many different tasks when representing victims of car accidents, the ultimate goal is to obtain compensation in a stress-free and efficient manner.

You can let our firm handle your case from the moment it is signed off. However, all final decisions remain yours.

An example of is a lawyer representing you in a car accident.

Spend time and resources investigating the car accident

Car accident injuries can keep you mentally and physically busy for weeks, if not months. We know that you might not have the resources or time to pursue a personal injury case.

But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on any compensation from the responsible party.

A personal injury lawyer is hired to represent you. This allows you to have someone to take care of all legal details so that you don’t have too. An attorney is familiar with the legal requirements for car accident cases. They will help you achieve your goals and guide through the process to a successful outcome. It doesn’t matter what it is, we can handle it.

  • Collecting evidence
  • Analyzing the accident report
  • Interview witnesses
  • Consult experts such as collision reconstructionists
  • All the evidence we have is combined into a solid case for financial recovery

An attorney gives their clients the care they need in order to get fair compensation.

Refer to Reliable Experts Whenever Possible in Support of Your Claim

Industry experts can sometimes help you understand the causes of a car accident and how to compensate for the damage. Your lawyer will meet with industry experts whenever possible to provide sufficient evidence and a complete picture to the insurance company.

Medical experts, for example, can help you determine the severity of your injuries, and give you a prognosis that will explain what your recovery will look. This information will allow the legal team to estimate your future medical costs.

Recognize Collision Damages That You May Not Be Able to Recover

You may not realize the extent of the damage you can recover if this is your first car accident. A car accident can have a profound impact on your life, affecting many aspects of your daily life now and into the future. An attorney will review your case with you and discuss your injuries. They will also take the time to assess your future losses.

You could be eligible for compensation for:

  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Transport to doctor’s appointments
  • Your injuries could prevent you from gaining promotions or other benefits at work.
  • The two most painful things in life are suffering and pain
  • Future earnings capacity will be reduced
  • Disfigurement and disability
  • Loss of consortium (intimacy between your spouse and you)

After your claim is resolved, the goal is to make sure you don’t end up paying the bill. Car accident compensation is dependent on the damages you sustained. State laws can limit the damages you are entitled to from the liable party.

Affix an exact value to each claimable damage

It is important to identify all damages and assign a value to each one. This process is relatively straightforward for economic damages such as medical bills but can take some time.

This is how damage calculations are done:

  • Take all receipts and invoices relating to the aftermath of your car accident.
  • To estimate your future and current income, request pay stubs
  • Get an estimate to repair or replace your vehicle

Certain damages like lower earning capacity or non-economic losses require more information in order to be properly calculated. Our firm is experienced in performing these calculations so you can be sure that your case will be valued accurately before we begin settlement negotiations with the at fault driver’s insurance.