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Testing Services
Whether creating a seemingly simple website or a complex multi-tiered application, a thorough testing process is necessary before exposing the system to a real-world environment.  Synergy75 can perform both manual and automated testing at multiple levels of testing to identify systemic weaknesses and ensure smooth functioning of even the most sophisticated systems.

Usability Testing

Any website or application should be navigable in a way that is logical and natural in the mind of the typical user.  All important information should be easy to access with minimal difficulty.  Appropriate graphics and fonts should be chosen carefully to fit the content and context and assist the user.  We can test your systems and evaluate the user experience for each essential task.

Functionality Testing

Every application should be carefully tested to verify that it meets all functional requirements.

We devise test plans that test all parts of an application individually and collectively through use cases.  We ensure that all types of  users are able to perform each necessary task.An important part of our testing regimen is to test an application under exceptional and extreme conditions. After testing the basic functionality of the application using typical data, we perform extensive testing using boundary and invalid data.  Finally, we thoroughly document each test and deliver the results to you with our recommendations for rectifying any shortcomings.

Synergy75 also can provide sophisticated Compatibility and Performance Testing.



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