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Database Services

Synergy75 provides a comprehensive range of database services encompassing industry leading database development and programming, data extraction, data migration and integration, and data cleansing.  Our specialists maintain the highest standards of professionalism and industry best practices to preserve the security and integrity of your vital data.

Database Development

We provide high-perfomance database systems development services using the most sophisticated technologies available.  Our developers have extensive experience with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and MS Access databases.  We ensure that all aspects of the database development process are addressed, including database design, application design, programming, implementation, and documentation.  We also make certain that your staff is adequately trained in all aspects of the system.

Data Extraction

Modern organizations routinely process unstructured data from web pages, emails, documents, PDFs, scanned text, mainframe reports, and other data sources.  The winning company will be the one that successfully leverages all of this information and turns it into knowledge.   However, as the volume of data increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to extract meaningful information and contextualize it.  We use the most sophisticated techniques to help you harness the power of your database by making your data available to you when, how, and where you need it.

Synergy75 also offers extensive Data Conversion and Migration services.


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