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Compatibility and Performance Testing

Compatibility Testing

Subtle variations exist between operating systems and web browsers and the numerous potential incompatibilities between various applications and software versions make compatibility testing one of the most complex tasks we encounter.

We begin by creating a test plan that specifies what will be tested and how the tests will be conducted.  Next, we begin a testing regimen that is specific to your requirements and operating environment.  For public-facing websites, we test the functionality (ability to complete each task) and performance of your site with each type of browser, including older versions.  If your site will only be accessed by a well-defined set of users (such as an intranet), we may limit testing to only the browsers and operating systems employed by those users.  For network and desktop software, we conduct numerous tests to determine the performance, reliability, and interoperability of the system in concert with specific software.  We then deliver the results to you, with each potential problem classified by severity level.

Performance Testing

Effective performance testing can help mitigate many obvious usability-related problems.  Simply put, a faster website or application can be expected to deliver a better user experience.  However, we believe that performance testing can also offer insight into more subtle functional and security issues.

Our first step is to ascertain the specific performance requirements for the system.  We carefully review the current volume, anticipated growth, and optimal response times and resource utilization levels.  We then devise test plans that will simulate typical usage patterns and separate plans that simulate extreme workloads.  Our goal is to gain insight into typical response times while also identifying inadequate server capacities, ineffective load balancing, and other specific problem areas.

We deliver to you our comprehensive assessment of the capacity of your system and operating environment and its suitability for the task, clearly identifying potential performance bottlenecks.


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