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Located in Washington, DC, Synergy75 works with small businesses to develop everything from simple portfolio and information websites, to complex directories or social networking websites.  Generally, our target market is for small or startup businesses with a budget of less than $5,000, but we have built web applications with a budget of up to $60,000.

Synergy75 small business solutions are developed with one thing in mind - to help small and new business owners on a budget.  We will use our experience, talented designers, and expert coders to work with you one on one - helping you to develop an online marketing campaign that will draw in new customers, establish credibility, and allow you to focus on what's important - running your business.

Generally speaking, we go from concept to completion in as little as 14 days. For bigger development projects, we strive to have a beta version by 21 days and a completed project within 30 days. 

About  You:
1. You don't have an unlimited budget to spend on your web development and need the best return on your investment.
2. You are not a web designer (nor do you have time to learn!)
3. You need a website that will yeild a high return on investment.
4. You can't wait for a slow or non-responsive development company to update their website (or make changes after!)

Here's how we meed your needs:
1. We offer affordable packages, payment plans, and payment options.
2. We add a content management system (CMS) to just about every page we build.
3. We have the marketing experience to build you a website that will meet your needs - and attract new customers!

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